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  1. read again what I said which as with an improved line, along with those 2 players, thats world class. Hope youre right about the QB. We could easily go laughingstock as well.
  2. Ill agree on the OLine ( low bar) and maybe theyll find a way to make up some points- but Barkley and OBJ on the same field with those improvements wouldve been world class.
  3. Hey Nas, When does the Davis Webb train leave the station?
  4. Lol pump the brakes on Barkley amigo. Eli is the one who said OBJ was his most talented teammate. I dont believe hes lost a step and hes every bit the player he once was. But well see this fall.
  5. Eli will be glad to know he’ll be throwing to Cap Space
  6. Yes especially since weve reinforced the receiver corps with oh NOBODY!
  7. dude, I get it- you dont like him - but Hes the most gifted Athlete Eli ever played with. If you dont believe me, ask Eli https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/giants/eli-manning-odell-beckham-jr-1.29031729
  8. Nearly 10 points per game better with him in the lineup.
  9. The Giants have signed OG Austin Droogsma out of FSU. The only thing cooler than his name is his story. He was an All American at shot put and didn't play a down of football. He's a 345lb development guy.
  10. Why wouldnt we hope that this guy was a guru whisperer savant with QBs?
  11. I would tell you that Baker Mayfield is the Marshall for the derby but I don’t want to start a thread.
  12. To satisfy Thread Relevance Police: What do you think the over/under is for Jones starts in 2019 season?
  13. Guess what the over/under is on games Jones starts this season.
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