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  1. Bart Starr, the first quarterback in history to win five National Football League championships and hero of the most memorable game in the storied history of the Green Bay Packers, died today in Birmingham, Ala. He had been in failing health since suffering a serious stroke in 2014. Starr, 85, played for the Packers from 1956 to 1971, and was beloved by fans of not only his generation, but also succeeding ones. Along with being a Pro Football Hall of Famer and among a small pantheon of Packers all-time greats, he was the franchises nonpareil role model in the eyes of many. Maybe the most popular player in Packers history, Starr will be eulogized for being a consummate professional, a Good Samaritan and an exemplary role model. The Packers Family was saddened today to learn of the passing of Bart Starr, said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. A champion on and off the field, Bart epitomized class and was beloved by generations of Packers fans. A clutch player who led his team to five NFL titles, Bart could still fill Lambeau Field with electricity decades later during his many visits. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Cherry and the entire Starr family. As a player, Starr will be remembered for being the only quarterback ever to lead his team to five NFL titles in a decade and for that frozen-in-time moment where he was lying face down under a pile of bodies in the south end zone of Lambeau Field, the hero of the Ice Bowl. To this day, a half-century later, Starrs game-winning quarterback sneak in that Dec. 31, 1967, game remains the signature moment in Packers history and personified what the Packers franchise is all about: Perseverance against all odds and unmatched success among all NFL teams.
  2. Right!... I mean look at George Steinbrenner....
  3. Theres's a dude who understands football.. . you can only have one all star on offense. that's how you win super bowls.
  4. Not Torres, I dont knot who he is, I meant Sanchez
  5. yes , according to this. If I were a new head coach, Id probably want to keep things in house for a while. We all know that between the sidelines on Sunday, he performs.
  6. Thats a really strange quote by the head coach. ...He doesnt have to be here but his mind should be here...
  7. Torres , with one swing, ruined Giants plans to bring in the fences. Turned out they just need guys who could hit!
  8. If hes as bad as what you say, it could be as much as +10 if hes trending to the negative.
  9. My feeling is Manager is +/- 5 games. Bochy's one of the best in baseball. Can't put a dress on a hog. But it's NY so someone got to be the scape hog.
  10. You can be loyal and inept at the same time. Temperature wrote it above- 8 years with a bad o line. Also there was about 100 years of no LBs. But you cant change ownership so why waste the energy. Its DG and UnShur and the DC that are the movable pieces
  11. I do not have high hopes for DG or the coaching staff. Owners often hire in their own image. Remember, the Giants were so poorly managed by the feuding Maras that Rozelle had to step in and beget George Young, who begot Parcells and all the lunchpails. Maybe history is repeating.
  12. Just wonderful... glad I'm a Warriors and SHARKS fan.
  13. Beast Mode is now in Nap Mode
  14. Maybe, Lynch has been criticized quite a bit lately. What I got from th story is he never got a chance after cleveland made their offer. DG could've shopped that offer a bit.
  15. According to Cleveland, they never inquired about him. DG brought it up when they were talking about Vernon. Same story from SF, who said DG never came back to them. So, he was in such a hurry to get rid of OBJ, that he didn’t look for the best deal, just a deal.
  16. Im not expecting that much from Golden Tate he wont be the one f ing us. I just thought it was peculiar
  17. Is it coincidence that Dayne's new screen name subject ended up on the Giants as well?
  18. I was thinking Mike Evans of Tampa Bay would be a good prototype for our offense when we get one.
  19. DG is arrogant, that's what I've seen. That doesn't sit well for today's athelete.
  20. you could be right. Theres many cases of difficult stars being accommodated. There are cases of them being a cancer too. What I see perhaps ( I have no sources on this) is that DG and Shurmur came in with a clean house campaign and in DGs case, his ego clashed with Beckhams and neither budged towards center. And the team suffers...so do the fans...
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