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  1. I hear you- The sitting 3 years formula is ridiculous too as it shortens the success runway where you can build a team around a lower paid young QB. Green Bay has been paying for that for years and it's only Rodgers tremendous talent that kept them afloat as long as they were. They'd have to pay sizably to Eli for the next 3 years.
  2. A putz in this case is one who insults passive aggressively. And DG was a putz for saying what he said. He has that you guys are all idiots manner and it will be his downfall. That and stupid picks
  3. He could be good but if he is that's just lends credence to the Giants decision mechanism which included : 1) A coach with ties to the Mannings who you could say have reasons to suggest a not ready for prime time QB so as to let Eli ride off into the sunset on his terms 2) An owner who probably feels guilty about how Eli was dismissed by "Macadoo" so was eager to acquiesce to the Manning exit strategy 3) A GM who said he watched "3 series at the senior bowl" and miraculously was "in full bloom....love" with a QB that just happened to be referred by the Mannings and the owner. To me, the whole thing stinks. Even if it works.
  4. So youre saying the guy who suggested they pick Daniel is just a regular Joe? That fills me with warm confidence
  5. How does that make someone a hater?
  6. There are all good songs . Although I dont know what S&C surprise hes going to hit me with. Theyre just here for ear worminess
  7. and letting them find out on twinstagram.
  8. Thank you for lettin me be mice elf...
  9. But I think it will be more like: I can see Daniel waving goodbye.....
  10. I think he needs run support which Lincecum and Cain didnt need. He needed 4 runs. Giants usually gave him 2. Also he benefited from the gigantic foul territory in Oakland. But he pitched his ass off in a win or go home game in St Louis so hes all good.
  11. Maybe he can "learn to play the saxophone..."
  12. Yes, besides Aaron Rowand, his worst decision. Zito helped get a ring so he's cool.
  13. but there was no full blooming love for Rosen. Really, even if Jones does work out, we should fire Gett for saying that alone.
  14. We could have had him, at least there’s a pedigree: https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1123198948716494848?s=21
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