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  1. he's a tremendous hitter in any park because he hits line drives.
  2. My feeling is the Brewers pitching will be worse in 2006, their defense will be the same, and their offense will be worse, they went 81-81 in 2005, what will the Brewers W-L record be in 2006? 75-87
  3. (VG< pardon the off Ranger topic for a sec.) New Busch Stadium III is almost exactly the same as old Busch II DIMENSIONS From Home Plate: Left-field line - 330 feet Left-center field - 372 feet Center field - 402 feet Right-center field - 372 feet Right-field line - 330 feet Outfield walls are 8 feet high
  4. With that insight, you could be the anchor on Sports Center!
  5. Unconfirmed sources say he didn't fail it, he missed it. (which is the same as a failure in this case). He supposedly is in India
  6. If Hannibal Lechter, could hit a slider and get us a Series win, I'd root for him. Of course, I wouldn't sit too close or attend any team benquets. It's been too long, man. With the White Sox winning, we've moved up to #3 on the futility standings!
  7. You really have no basis for that statement, b. For all of his shortcomings, Barry has never dogged it on the field, has always given maximum effort. There's no reason to think he would.
  8. I've always said, he's not my boy. The Giants are my team, and watching him at bat is something that I have enjoyed immensely. What he does off the field is not my concern, nor is it how I judge him as a ballplayer.
  9. Seattle's a very cool city with excellent food. Dallas is fun too, but the food is not great.
  10. it was funny. i think he's been hanging out with sprewell....
  11. If he comes back in '07, I doubt it would be with the Giants. Probably the Angels where he'll DH and not travel with the team. I'm worried about his ability to field his position this year. Chances are, he'll only get 3 at bats a game. I think he'll be about 15 short of Aaron at the end of this season.
  12. :lol: you're too young to be smoking that stuff....
  13. Geez, too much pressure, I'll stick to baseball.
  14. what happened to the one shoobox made you?
  15. who is 26 times? is that a daily masturbation number? if it is, i'm impressed....
  16. :lol: what, no mention of matt morris???
  17. That would be fine with me if Allen stays.
  18. We also need to strive to have more points than our opponent at the end of each game.
  19. Pitchers and catchers report today!!! Omar The Out Maker
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