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  1. Never, ever, ever stick your dick in crazy. Always take your time on the first few dates so you can guage crazy index.
  2. Probably would be a bust with the Giants. Bears consider LB a position so they actually draft and sign good FA.
  3. Of course the Giants did. As I posted before it's all about the optics and once it became embarrassing the Giants decide it's now time to act like they were unaware. Same shit the Ravens pulled with Rice. What exactly did they think a video of a jacked athlete hitting a small women would look like? A love tap and a giggle? A good starting point is to remember every team is about the money and when you infringe on that is when you need to go. If a player can hide the transgression and make the team money then it's business as usual.
  4. He did all of the above but he'll be cut now. AP only received a second chance because he's a very good player. Brown is good but nobody considers a kicker a skill position though. Interestingly enough his wife wouldn't co-operate with any of the investigation. On that note why she at the pro bowl with him?
  5. All single digit wearing Atlanta Falcons players, Practice squad included, have the first name, Matt. Matt Ryan: No. 2 Matt Bryant: No. 3 Matt Simms: No. 4 Matt Bosher: No. 5 Matt Schaub: No. 8
  6. Well if he smoked weed he'd be cut by now.
  7. Because...as usual it's all about the optics and the NFL trying to trow a player under the bus to save face. Same shit happened with Rice where he admitted to wrong doing to the NFL and the Ravens. Once the video surfaced though it was everyone for themselves time.
  8. He already did from the articles. He seems to feel bad and is getting help but the wife I guess wants more blood.
  9. It's a joke that these guys aren't full-time employees. How do other leagues do it?
  10. It did work as the 2 INTs showed. The problem is that the Giants O couldn't score more than 20 points. That's been the problem the entire season except the Redskins game. The D is not the issue and I'm not sure how Spagnuolo is getting so much grief. Giants would be 0-5 if the D was anywhere as inept as last year.
  11. So the Ravens are going to make the Giants lick dog shit? I'm confused on what the metaphor is here and the player explanations are reaching. Are the Giants the bullying kids?
  12. Truth. Somebody posted EA's pre-draft write up and this was his assessment. Guy will make you pull your hair out or jump for joy; no in between. One difference though is that Eli isn't making those improbable comebacks very often anymore. I used to joke with woman when the Giants were down by 6 with 3:00 left in the game that the Giants had the opponents where they wanted them and it's Eli time. Over the past 2 years that hasn't been very true anymore.
  13. Definitely bullshit. That's why I hope if the Giants face plant (I.m talking really bad like top 5 draft) then the owners eat their pride and nuke the entire staff and realise that drafting a QB to sit and learn behind Eli and a new coaching staff is the best option. The problem with firing Coughlin is that it was a half measure and a pointless move. With the way OBJ was acting 4 games into the season the locker room may already be in turmoil. I am a Giants fan and here's hoping everything comes up roses and unicorns but this season has a very bad feeling to it.
  14. He could be the Giants MVP just like Painter for the Colts.
  15. He did very well and that's why the Bears gave him a big contract. The Giants don't give a fuck positions, as Sepiroth pointed out, are TE and LB.
  16. Yeah, Eli always had issues with the short pass accuracy but now it seems like his deep ball is off also. Unless Eli turns it around I think a nuke from orbit is warranted because being top 10 in the draft again gives you a shot a QB. You'd want your new staff to have the choice to pick who that will be. Top 5 draft pick and you definitely nuke.
  17. Speaking of LTs. During the game I noticed Beatty scratching his nuts on the sidelines and wondered why not put him in as an extra blocker? The TEs can't block for shit and Flowers is getting beat so why not? Would this be a crazy idea?
  18. That could have easily been 1-4 with the way the O is playing. Eli used to be great at the deep pass but that's now an issue for him also. OBJ is getting open down field but Eli can't drop those passes in the bucket like he used to.
  19. You guys actually thought the Giants would score more than 20 points.
  20. Exactly, last year it was OBJ, Randle and Harris and he still managed to play great. This year it's OBJ, Cruz and Sheperd and instead the balls are being thrown to Tye, Donnell and Rainey. If I owned the Giants after the Vikings game McAdoo would be getting an earful. Also IMHO you absolutely force the ball to the best WR in the league. Play makers win games. He was right below us. Probably would have woken the dumb ass up.
  21. Well...if the game plan wasn't shit I think his emotions would be much better. Imagine you have about 3 and a half minutes and are down by 2 scores. Would the best option be dump offs to Rainey or I don't know throw to your 2 pro-bowl WRs? I'm starting to wonder if the anger is towards the coaching and not the other team.
  22. That happened multiple times in the 4th where Norman was caught peeking inside. Seems the Redskins D knew the Giants weren't going deep and started playing the short routes more. Worked but a 3 WR go route would have been sure TD in the 4th. There is good reason Beckham was getting frustrated but he should have been talking it out with Manning and Sullivan instead of being a child.
  23. Thus far in his career, Eli Manning has faced the Minnesota Vikings 8 times. In those games, he has thrown 5 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Of those interceptions, 5 have been returned for a touchdown, the most by any team that he has played against. Also the last trips to Minnesota have been great. Last year OBJ is suspended and the time before that the dome collapses.
  24. Can you blame him though? The game is on the line and you're not throwing to arguably the best WR in the league. Some fans feel that this type of behaviour is bad but I think it's an asset. He's clearly very competitive and wants to win.
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