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Last Game of the season thread....


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1 minute ago, TaylorBanksCarsonVanPelt said:


Which team do I hate the most, The Egals, Broke Backs or the 69'ers

I have hated the Egals since the gift The Fumble

We are always these scrubs Super Bowl

Going to Listen to the radio feed with Bob Papa and Carl Banks



Always the cowboys.    

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Just now, TaylorBanksCarsonVanPelt said:

It's a decision for me bro.

The Broke Backs are 1A.

The Egals and 69ers are 1B and 1C.

When they play one another, I am at a Loss on who to cheer for

I just settle back and watch the carnage.


I don’t even think about the 49ers.   

Cowboys, Eagles, Washington. 


San Fran to me is just the team I’m rooting for tomorrow. 

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