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Davante Adams

Mr. P

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42 minutes ago, Virginia Giant said:


I've watched this over and over again, is the camera man embellishing? They meet at the same time and Adams pushes him out of his personal space. 


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I think Adams legit didn't see him and reacted fairly normally in a situation where he wouldn't expect to have someone appear directly in his space.  Given the context of the fan that ran on the field the other night and his no doubt bad mood, I'm pretty easily giving him a pass.  Unfortunate, but not his fault.  

Don't know if the guy was embellishing, but he certainly is the one that found himself cutting off a much bigger guy. That he is trying to get paid out of it does make me think it isn't impossible he played it up.  

He was a freelance guy right?  Maybe not experienced at what he was doing, probably is a rule about being in front of the tunnel in the moments at the end of a game. 

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Yeah, after watching it again, I think the new angle is even worse for him. In the first shot it looked like cameraman was maybe being sort of confrontational, which is expected at a football game sideline, but okay, get your camera out of my face I guess? The second angle it just looks like Adams sees a chance to hurt someone smaller and weaker, and gleefully takes it.

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Like I understand typically those tunnels are clear after a game, but it's not the first time there has been a camera guy or whatever in them. 

I dunno, sure I understand your pissed off after a game, some kid is in your way to the locker room, you get frsutrated and shove him.

But show some decency, turn around help him up say your pissed after the loss and give him the game check afterwards and you'd look like a guy who just lost your cool. 

Right now you just look like a fucking knob. 



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