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Mack traded to chargers


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I think analytics are starting to play into the role of drafting.

I remember reading an article years ago now that basically said that if you get two players out if a draft who are on your team after 4 years and contributing in a starting role you had an above average draft. 

That your better off trading for players with your later picks then you are drafting someone because statistically it's easier to sign or trade for a guy with experience in the league than it is to hope a rookie becomes one of those players.

So why try to draft a rookie who is more likely to bust out, when you can get someone like Mack.

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Man I really love what the Chargers and building over there.

First, you gotta love the investment in the OL they've made the last two years.

OT Bryan Bulaga

OC Corey Linsley

OG Matt Feiter, who was real good for them last year

Drafting T Rashawn Slater

Now Mack. Mack was injured last year, is on the wrong side of 30, and carries a big cap number, but it's a low risk contract for the Chargers (if he doesn't pan out, they can cut him next season or in 2024 and have $0 dead cap because the Bears take that all on). Only had to give up a 2nd and a 2023 6th (not bad, they have many other picks this draft).

Mack and Bosa, if he stays healthy, are going to be headaches for OCs.

I also like how they didn't blow their load on RB contracts. 4 yrs and $24M for Ekeler, which seems appropriate and not breaking the bank on an RB.

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