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So why couldn't we trade for Von Miller?


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The Denver Broncos have agreed to trade Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams, the eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker confirmed Monday.

The Rams will send to the Broncos a second-round pick and third-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft in exchange for Miller, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The Broncos will also pay $9 million of Miller's remaining $9.7 million base salary for the remaining nine games in the regular season, sources told Schefter.

It's expected that Miller will have to pass a physical before the trade is completed.

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The Rams must have no faith in their scouting department because they havent had a first round pick for years and now they are giving away their second day picks too lol

Good trade though, he gets to go chase a ring, and the Broncos get much needed capitol.

I'm surprised the Giants havent moved anyone yet, even for third day stuff.

Engram should fetch a fourth/fifth.

Slayton could probably bring in a fifth.

Before IR Peppers probably would of gotten a third.

I'd even see if a team would give us a sixth/seventh for guys like Carter/Ximines.

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16 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

Us: Engram sucks!

Also us: Why doesn't anybody want Engram?

I don't think Engram sucks, he just over stayed his welcome in NY.

He'll go somewhere and have a fresh start which will be good for him, probably be converted to WR, which I've been saying should of been done the moment he was drafted, and have some good years.

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