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Week 2 thoughts


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Nice to see the Texans doing better than expected. 

I remember media pundits saying this was a throw away year with the whole Watson situation, that religious guy being butt buddies with the owner, and players leaving on FA.

Plus the new HC who from all reports was a nice guy and a good WR coach but was a surprise to be a HC hire. 


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The Dolphins just seem like one of those teams like the Lions or Jags that are never going to be a good team again lol 

Dolphins had their perfect season and the Marino era but what else? In the last 30 years. 

As long as you don't go back to 1914 the Lions are only know for producing to of the best in the game Sanders and Johnson and the worst GM the league has ever seen in Millen.  

Jags might move to the UK lol 

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