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Geoff Schwartz still contributing to Giants


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He is entitled to his opinion.  Three kinds of former Giants:  Love where the team is headed, Hate where the team is headed, Don't care where the team is headed.  Schwartz has bills to pay like the rest of us and will figure out shortly he gets less clicks when his opinion is opposite the fan base.

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3 hours ago, Joe Guyden said:

You get paid to get quoted in a news article?

I've often wondered how all the media pundits get paid.

I guess now a days it's per click to a site or whatever, but there's sports writers out there who do nothing but just copy and paste things coaches/players say and that's the whole article.

Also yes Judge's coaching style will rub some players either former or current the wrong way, but you don't let the inmates run the asylum.

You hire a head coach/GM to bring in the culture they want and hopefully it's one that produces a winning team.

The Giants haven't had a winning culture for the last 8 years, so it's easy to point at them and say "LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG"

Or in this case it's easy to quote someone saying that.

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