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Ravens Game Thread


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Oh I don't have high hopes for this game, my biggest worry is they are playing a gimpy Jones against a top 10 defense.

The WRs are going to have to really step the fuck up because Jones is going to get killed is he holds onto the ball for to long and the Ravens have stuffed the run game all year.

Defensively I'm sure Graham has a good game plan but they are a high flying team with a lot of talent on it, and Jackson is a threat to throw an accurate 50 yard bomb or run 20 yards on you at time.


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Just now, UK-Giantsfan said:

Any Given Sunday ........need a pick 6 or something special on Special Teams ....but it could happen !


Go Giants

I think this is the game that the Giants need to have "THE GAME" against.

Jones needs to have a career day, like 350+ yards, 3TDs.

Oline needs to dominate the point of attack.

Williams and the Dline NEEDS to keep Jackson on the ground or get him rattled.

The secondary has to be ready to cover for longer than normal since Jackson is a mover.

Could it happen? Yes, let's hope for some of that Seattle magic to come back.

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