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Hmmm...is it just me


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19 hours ago, Iceman_NYG said:

Will we have the moolah to afford them?

Will the moolah is the same for everyone... and the team that wins is one that pays value... look at New England... lots of B+ players.   

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19 hours ago, Iceman_NYG said:

Will we have the moolah to afford them?

That's what's great about the NFL you can't pay everyone so you need to have serviceable players being held up by your franchise players on the team.

I mean look who's coming up to pay days with the team; Barkley, Peppers, Engram, Tomlinson, Hernandez, Zeitler, Gates, Rosas, Fackrell, Williams, Hill, etc

We can't keep them all.

You need to have the depth and ability to develop talent and then keep the core talent.

You look at those mid 2000 years when the Giants went on their playoff stretch.

The same core players were held through those years, Oline with Ohara,Snee, Diehl the Dline with Tuck, Osi, JPP. The secondary had Webster and Rolle, the LBs had AP, WRs had Cruz and playmakers like Plax and Nicks and so on.

Then you had the FAs who helped in one or two year deals, Sam Madison, Boley, Bass, etc.

It's amazing when you think about it what it takes to build a great winning NFL team, especially when the average player only spends two years on a team at most.


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