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Wildcard weekend.


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I'd give my left nut to have the Bills defense.

Goes to show you in this "passing league" teams with good rushing games and defences still are the ones who play in January, 4 of the top 5 rushing attacks and defensive teams are in the playoffs.

Meanwhile the top 5 passing teams, one is in the playoffs.

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I dunno maybe because it's just a playoff game and the announcers hype everything, but I don't see one thing that Allen has done tonight that says he's progressed.

He's missed throws, and always seems to put the ball low.

I guess he caught a TD so that's something.

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2 minutes ago, Blindgreed1 said:

I dunno, I think he did well. His O line let him down, or the Texicans are just that good on D

I don't know, he looked horribly average all game and missed a lot of throws on third down.

Then instead of the sack, he takes the intentional grounding throw and a loss of down?

Then the sack?

Kids still raw.

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