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  1. Dismal performance last night. So weak in midfield and our center backs were awful. Maguire was due a rest. But I see this crap last night and I say why did we let Smalling go on loan. He is playing well in Italy and now Roma want to buy him. Jones was terrible last night.
  2. 2 means better chance one will be right.
  3. No. Never signed out and logged back in on phone. Will do it later
  4. Right. We have no business complaining. Guys record is better than ours since he started coaching
  5. Quit complaining about who he only coached last year. No one coached on the giants last season
  6. The only other guy now I take a swing at is McDaniels now. I see another Pete Carroll here. A guy who needed to get his ass kicked to learn a lesson. Martindale reminds me of another rex ryan
  7. Garrett had to put up with Jerry Jones bullshit all these years. Look how they fired him. I believe if he goes to another franchise he will do a more than competent job.
  8. Honestly I have no issue with Jason Garrett at this point.
  9. This is the only playoff game ESPN is doing right?. Because listening to these 2 useless fucks is awful
  10. Allen is recreating how to play Qb here the last 5 minutes. Holy Shit!
  11. They could trade down to at least 6 if the Chargers are serious about replacing Rivers and want to get up above the Dolphins. At 6 we will have 3 of the top offensive linemen available and IMO it has to be an OT in the first. That said my understanding is Gettleman doesn't trade to move down.
  12. Hernandez didn't play as well as he had done the last 12 games of 2018, but Solder and Hillapio surrounding him simply doesn't help.
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