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Biggest surprise/disappointing players of 2019?


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The Rooks - Lawrence, really made a name for himself as a power DT, graded as one of the best players out of the draft. Baker/Love, Baker started sloppy but become the best DB on the field once he got his talking too. Love looks like he's taking the job away from Peppers, kid has a full range of the secondary and tackles like a tank. Slayton, obviously has come into his own, but needs to become consistent, did he even have a catch in the last two games of the year? And Danny Dimes obviously not much more needs to be said. If they can continue to develop this 2019 draft class is looking pretty good. Out of them all I think Lawrence and Love were the two rookies who really stood out in terms of what I was not expecting to see.

Tomlinson - Really took a step forward in play this year, give him and Lawrence contract extensions and have the IDL be set for the next 6+ years.

Kaeden Smith - Engram who?

Marcus Golden - Do I think he's worth 10 million + a year? Fuck no, but if they can get him for a decent contract somewhere in the 6-7 million a year range, they guy has shown he still can get after the QB and make the open field tackles.

Honorable mentions - Gates and Connelly, need to see more from both of these guys but in their limited time looked like they could be starters in the NFL. Also Dixon should of been a pro-bowl punter, guy was great this year.


Obviously you could just list the entire team here, but players who I thought were going to be better;

Lorenzo Carter - "Best camp by any Giants we've seen in awhile" by the coaching staff ammounted to an absolute shit season. Kid is looking like he's nothing more than a rotational special teams player.

BJ Hill - After an promising rookie campaign has really fell off the board, thought he would be more of a interior pass rushing guy, turns out he can't even get on the field.

Remmers/Solder/Halapio - None of these guys should be starting in the NFL, I thought Remmers would bounce back, turns out his back is toast.

Engram - Probably never going to play a full 16 game season, and even if he does he'll be dealing with injury most of it.

After the trade, Williams - My god I've never seen a bigger 300 pound pussy in my life, and that's saying something after my teen aged years. Not to mention he's fucking stupid as well, taking that needless penalty against the Eagles? Was it? Forearming Wentz well after the throw. This guy deserves a vet minimum contract if he's lucky and we wasted picks for an 7 game tryout.

Honorable mentions - Rosas and Tate.


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I thought Tate was okay, though overpaid.

Bj Hill was a real surprise with the drop in playing time...what happened exactly?

DeAndre Baker, Sam Beal, and Ballentine were disappointing.

Connelly, Slayton, and Love look like future starters, which is great for late round picks.

DJ is further ahead than I expected, but needs to clean up ball security.

I'd be okay if we signed Golden to a 4 year, $10mm per season deal, but no more than that.

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I agree with pretty much all of that, BiC

BJ Hill looked soft this year. It's not talked about much, but some of the 'value' of Leonard Williams may have been to light a fire under Hill, who showed enough as a rookie to know he has tremendous potential if he puts in the work. 

I will say about Leonard Williams, he's a good player, we're better with him.... He's a technician though, not a stone cold killer. He reminds me quite a bit of Mathias Kiwanuka in that his strengths are relegated to the less flashy parts of the game, and that is good enough. 

I think very highly of Dexter Lawrence. He did trail off at the end of the season, but that isn't unusual for a rookie whose played so many snaps. He could be a star.

Don't sleep on Rosas. Bring in some camp competition for him, and I think he will rise to the occasion. He's playing a position with a 15+ year shelf life, and he's in season three. He will improve. Dude's a football player. 

DeAndre Baker had a good (enough) rookie year. I don't see how he's a disappointment. He was a damn rookie, playing on a D where half the guys didn't know what their assignment was on a given play, and the one guy who consistently did, Bethea, was about two steps too slow to make a difference anyway.

Looking forward to seeing Love + Peppers as a safety tandem. Wish we had a guy with more deep speed playing center field, but Love's instincts seem very good. It will be interesting to see how the next DC uses them. 

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