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Engram trade value?


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So what could we get for Engram this off season?

It's clear we need the draft picks, especially after that stupid fucking trade for Williams, but what could we get for him?

I would imagine some team could probably give up a third round pick, maybe a third and a sixth?

He's really the only guy who is worth trading during the off season.

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I have no confidence in the teams management. Theyre an embarrassment. Wellington is rolling over in his mausoleum. This team is a complete disgrace. They lost to the jets...badly. And the jets just got whooped by the previously winless bengals. 


Bustley is playing injured. He was good for the first 2 games and then got injured and has been a shell of what he was previous to the injury...the no big deal ankle sprain. They should shut him down for the season already before he does more damage that will have serious consequences on his longevity. 


I dont have faith in any players or coaches or upper management.


Sell the team to Mark Cuban



So even of they have 20 picks in the first 50, it would not matter. They cant scout or draft well so theyll just screw it up anyway.

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