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Remember when people were saying we shouldn't try to rush Barkley back asap just to try to get him in some meaningless games in a meaningless year? You know to kinda prevent him from going down the same route as other players the Giants have ruined like Nicks, Cruz, Smith, etc.


I remember.


Now Shurmur is saying "He's banged up, but we tried to use him where we could" lol


So you decided to run him head long into a defence with an Oline made up of bench scrubs.


This team is going places I tell ya.



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Barkley was contacted one to two yards behind the line of scrimmage on 6 of the 13 carries and met at the line of scrimmage on 5 of the 13 carries.


11 times out of the 13 runs he never had a clean running lane or didn't have a Jets defender in his face at the line of scrimmage.


Good job with the Oline rebuild Getty.

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