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So Tanny or Lauletta?


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I mean it's a weird situation to have when you have two guys competing for the #3 QB spot, but both looked good last night.


Lauletta wont survive on the practice squad, some team will sign him away, but Tanney does have time in the NFL.


And also side note, I'm surprised how much better Lauletta looked working with scrubs in the 4th, than Webb did with the Jets scrubs. No wonder why getting rid of Webb was an easy decision for DG and co.

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I can see the desire to move them now while their stock is unusually high in the eyes of the fan base. Most teams are going to sit back and wait for roster cuts. Yeah Webb had a bad game, the success of Tanney & Lauletta magnified it. At the moment it still looks like a good decision overall, lets see three weeks from now.

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Id rather have the second year pro with more athletic ability and a better arm


I'm not saying it's the right decision, but it's not like Shurmur is alone.


Besides it's all moot, whichever of the two are going to be sitting behind Jones on the roster anyways.

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