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Giants about to win the Super Bowl.


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where's Jim Mora when you need him?


I got the infamous "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" error when I tried to post a .gif.


I'm sure it'll work when the wind shifts again or it's an odd day of the week, or I've walked around my chair three times before sitting down and typing.

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If you're trying to post the image from a Google image search, you can't just right click on the result thumbnails and copy the image address. You need to either right click, open image in new tab, then copy the image address or, click on the "visit page" button and copy it from there. If you're hosting it yourself and getting that error, I have no idea why. Hosting it yourself is always the better way to go.

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At least, that's what you'd believe if you head over to the Giants reddit board.


Holy fuck... a last-second win against a 2-7 team and suddenly people are fucking talking about playoffs.


Let them enjoy at least the first 24 hrs after a victory, we've had so few these last years.

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