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Zach Cunningham LB


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.... a LB with 30 some missed tackles in college, in the first round? Seriously. A linebacker who's weakness is... tackling.




Hey NJ.com needed something to write about... don't shoot the messenger lol

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Hey maybe we can teach tackling better than we have taught blocking? I think the tackling was definitely better this year.


Problem with Giants linebackers isn't tackling, it is being five yards from the play. Five yards behind a TE.... Five yards away from catching that RB...


I tried Nas :D

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As usual.. it's the BPA... Sure I'd like the OL solidified but if there's no value there, then wait till a later round... I don't know what our priorities should be and you can argue for anything from TE, OL, to LB. The defense did great but we really need a LB who can go after a QB (just thinking about the time Rogers sat back there for what seems like 3 minutes)....

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Seems like they've been looking for that nickel/rush backer in the mold of Irvin or Mack. Two years ago they wanted Beasley and last year it was Floyd this year I think Takk McKinley from UCLA or CHarley Harris from Mizzou could be what they are looking for

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