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Is my 10 team league really bad?


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Please lmk how bad this, it's for 1k and I feel bad about this team


It's .5 PPR 3 WR 2 RB 1 Flex






Devonta Freeman

Thomas Rawls

TJ Yeldon

Duke Johnson

Matt Jones

Tevin Coleman



Julio Jones

Amari Cooper

Jarvis Landry

Josh Gordon

Travis Benjamin

Tavon Austin

Michael Thomas



Julius Thomas

Martellus Bennett







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Looks good to me. I don't love your wr depth before Gordon comes back but your week 1 starting lineup is very good and so is your rb depth. I think Julius Thomas is good value this season and he returns to form now that he got a camp in and the safeties having to play back on their big two wrs

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Thanks Herc maybe it's not as bad as I thought


I put this team up on BBI for 5 mins last night got 4 replies saying I need a new hobby and it's the worst team ever lol.


Made me feel a bit insecure about the team.


I agree I could use another WR, should be okay once Gordon comes back tho.


I really don't like Rivers at QB but all my QBs were taken so I had to improvise

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Someone offered me TY Hilton for Josh Gordon and Black Unicorn.


Joke of a trade offer right? I could take it, but I see big things like wr1 numbers for Gordon in a few weeks.


Hilton is nice tho


I could try to get his backup QB too think it's like Stanford or someone of that like

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