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2016 NYG Stat Predictions


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I'm honestly looking forward to this season, and fwiw I don't believe it's just the homer in me that's causing me to feel so optimistic.


Eli: 63% comp, 4400 yards 37 TDs 14 INTs


Jennings: 950 yards 6 TDs

Williams: 450 yards 5 TDs

Vereen: 250 yards 1 TD

Perkins: 125 yards


OBJ: 1400 yards 15 TDs

Shepard: 900 yards 8 TDs

Harris: 550 yards 3 TDs

Tye: 350 yards 3 TDs

Donnell: 425 yards 3 TDs

Vereen: 375 yards 5 TDs

Lewis/King/Lacosse: 400 yards


JPP: 10 Sacks

Vernon: 9.5 Sacks

Hank: 7.5 Sacks

Snacks: 4.5 Sacks


LBs... Idk



Jenkins: 5 INTs

Collins: 2 INTs

Thompson: 8 INTs (Call me crazy if you like, but I think teams are gonna try and test this kid... and I think that's a mistake on their part)

Apple: 2 INTs


Harris: 1 KOR TD, 2 PR TDs


Offensive MVP: Eli Manning (shocker...)

Defensive MVP: JPP

OROY: Shepard

DROY: Thompson

Most Improved: JPP

Play of the Year: Eli to Beckham 80+ yard TD...


Yes... I'm bored. Don't judge me.

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OBJ: 136 Catches, 2,071 yards, 24 TDs


Eli: 67% 5,100 yards 45 TDs


Jennings: 1,100 yards, 6 TDs, 4.7 YPC


Vernon: 55 tackle, 16 sacks

JPP: 14 sacks


DRC: 6 INTs and 2 defensive TDs


Will Tye: 58 catches, 880 yards, 5 TDs


Shepard: 72 catches, 970 yards 8 TDs


Cruz: 43 catches 589 yards 3 TDs

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Running Game ....... no 100 yard games all season long ( behind this pathetic O line ........and God help us if anyone from the back up O line is needed)


Beckham ..........1500 yards and 15 TD's

Shepard ..........750 yards and 8 TD's

Cruz never plays a game.


Eli 3500 yards , 32 TD's , 25 Int and is sacked about 50 times.


Vernon and JPP combine for 22 sacks.


We go 6-10 because we have no O Line and no linebackers AGAIN ! ........Reese is fired on Jan 2nd

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