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Calvin Johnson Retires

The P

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Unless he was facing a cut he's giving up huge money. Glad to see him put his health first if that's the case


I think his health and the fact he plays for the Detroit Lions factored into his decision.


Kinda the same route Barry Sanders had, guy was the best in the game, retired early because what's the point of risking your body for a team that will never win anything.


Sad as it is to see.

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That dude had so much left. I cant imagine being that dominant and going out never winning anything.


Like I said, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Johnson, etc.


Losing just takes a toll on some guys, I mean you can only carry a shitty team for so long before it starts wearing on you I would imagine.


Some players can probably shrug it off, others the paycheck helps but maybe these guys just realize they will never win on their current team and maybe they are just to loyal to jump ship.

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Wonder what it would take to bring him to the Giants. How would that work out with his contract negation he gave the Lions and Do they still hold any rights to him? What did he leave in the Table something like 15 mill?

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