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Jerry Reese believes his 1985 Yugo GV "a few parts away" from matching 2016 BMW M5


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Giants GM Jerry Reese believes the 1985 Yugo GV he purchased from his cousin Ned is "only a few parts away" from matching the 170mph speed of a brand new BMW M5.


"Sure, the car needs some work, obviously," Reese said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "But I think it's close enough to believe that we can realistically compete with a 2016 BMW M5."


"If we rotate a couple tires, we could be looking at 150, 160, maybe even 170 miles per hour. There are some other reasons, too. Sure, the 1.1 liter engine is part of it, but Ned made some bad decisions. Sometimes it was the road conditions, sometimes it was the weather, and sometimes it had to do with some other things. We couldn't drive the car the way we wanted at the end of some roads. And we've just got to shift some gears sometimes to open that Yugo up".

"A few parts here and there, and this Yugo could be looking at 170 mph instead of 63 mph. That's the way cars can be. You have to go in there and floor it. We didn't do that enough. But wait until 2016....I'm putting some new floormats in this bad boy."


"Check your rearview mirror, M5"


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