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Was I the only one holding my breath


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That would have taken a perfect throw with perfect timing to complete. I didn't understand why Simms was getting his undies in a knot over Collins being out of position and Cousins supposed poor throw.


Collins was supposed to have help over the top, too.

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Spags is really putting together a competent and competing defense and using the talent or lack thereof that he has been provided with. Maybe the pass rush numbers seem pedestrian, but the Giants are possibly near the top of the league in Rushing Defense. Teams which have rushed for 200 yrds end up rushing for less than 70 yrds against us. Dallas with its greatest OL in the history of football was pisspoor in its rushing attack. Atlanta couldn't do this and Washington was able to scratch its scrotum. I think there is a lot more to this defense than its pass rush. And that's why we harbored 10 pt leads in all the games that we have played so far. When the offense supports the defense like it did yesterday, Im excited about what this team can achieve once they develop a certain swagger after putting a few Ws below their belt.

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