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And like I stated in another thread.... this clusterfuck took 3 highly paid individuals collectively fucking the dog... if one of them had done something different, we'd be 1-0... Coughlin, Eli, and McAdoo...

But yet we all line up week after week for the abuse, don't we? :confused:

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It's going to be hard to put this one behind us... I'm still not over it. I hope the team is 100% focused on beating Atlanta right now, because they need to be. I do like the Giants this week as Matt Ryan is 1-2 career vs NYG and is 19-22 playing outdoors, as opposed to 47-19 indoors. DRC will again have his hands full but he played well against Dez and he just has to keep on, he's one of the best corners in the NFL and he needs to continue to show it. The good news is that after facing the Cowboys O-line, Atlanta's should seem to be a breath of fresh air for the pass rushers.

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Yes. And the thing with Atlanta is take out Julio and they have no names like Hopkins who can be contained and they don't have a Witten. I hope the Giants burst a casket and release all their frustration and take it out on Atlanta with an old fashioned beat down with Eli, OBJ, Jennings and the D having stellar games. Only then will be put this behind us.


On a side note - THE GIANTS NEED TO STOP DISCUSSING THE COLLOSSAL CLUSTERFUCK THAT THEY DISPLAYED IN THE END OF LAST GAME. It is just fucking embarrassing. Everytime they try to keep giving reasons and it just sounds like - "Im sorry, Im just a huge fucking moron!....."No no!! He isn't the moron! I am! I am the giant douchebag with shit for brains!!....."Please you two!! Come on!! Its me who has the brains of a retarded oyster!! Im the one who pulled a Stevie Wonder on the fucking clock". Just STFU. We fucked up. That's it. Just let it go and move forward!! I for one am finding it hard to even fucking argue with fans of other teams about this shit.

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