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New Cruz - Beckham Jr ad for Footlocker


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lol, I am amped for what will arguably be the best wide receiver corps in the league this year. There are some "ifs", obviously. But I think Cruz will come back strong...maybe not as meteoric as his breakout year but it won't have to be with Beckham and Randle. I was encouraged by Randle's play last year. He has the skills but he isn't always mentally strong.

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The big issue this coming season will not be the WRs. It's all about the offensive line and defense.


Offensive line - yes, there is a benefit to the offense that we're running where the ball comes out quickly. That's reassuring. But, that takes Randle out of the equation a little bit given he looks like a long stride kind of runner, not a short stride guy like Cruz or Beckham. That said, Randle is a pretty talented 3rd WR. But back to the line, if they can't run block and we're one dimensional...it could easily turn out to be a .500 season.


Defensively, if we can't stop someone, then we'll be forced to outscore them...which there's a possibility we can do if we're running the ball. But between health and talent on the defensive side...that's as significant a concern as the offensive line until they prove otherwise.


This season is going to be fun to watch. It seems there are literally arguments to be made for a great season, a terrible season, AND an inconsistent season.

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