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5th round pick? Who's it going to be?


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Marcus Vick... :LMAO:


don't laugh there are idiots out there that would probably endorse that and they would be the same people that in quarter 1 of week 1 vs the Colts if ELI goes 3 and out would start chanting his name at the game.

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Marcus Hudson was a good choice.


Some top players available are



Rod Wright

Jess Mahelona

Babatunde Oshinowo

LeKevin Smith

Montavious Stanely

Tommy Jackson



A.J. Nicholson

Kevis Coley

Kai Parham

Dale Robinson



Dee Webb

Anwar Phillips


One player I like is still there and thats WR Jeff Webb. But I cant see us going WR.

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I wouldnt be surprised if we went with these guys either.



Quinn Sypniewski

Cooper Wallace



Greg Eslinger



Fred Mauta


3 of my personal favorites I like to see, but don't expect, LeKevin SMith(obviously you've heard my opinion there), Tommy Jackson, or Brian Iwuh, LB Colorado. I certainly wouldn't mind Elsinger either.

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