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  1. I actually like Hali, and I actually think that Accorsie would have taken him before Kiwi, IMO. He may not have the size/speed that Kiwi has, but he's got a great motor and work ethic, and something about his playing style reminds me a bit of Strahan. Plus, KC's defense hasn't been much in a long time, but KC has taken steps to improve that defense over the years, and I think Hali is going to benefit from some of the above players you mentioned. McCargo, I know a lot of people don't like this pick, but, the guy is going to get plenty of opportunities to play in Buffalo, and while he mo
  2. Getting back to the subject, I happen to disagree with some of your selections, and the Leinart pick is bold since he probably couldn't be in a better situation. I actually like McCargo, Hill and Hali, and I think they are all going to be productive players for their respective teams. If I had to predict a few busts, I'd start with Jay Cutler. I just haven't seen much that much from him that would convince me he's the real deal. I think that in 3 years, Mario Williams is going to have to overcome a lot to be considered worthy of the 1st pick. Haloti Ngata Ernie Simms Marce
  3. Good to have you here Bomb.
  4. http://story.scout.com/a.z?s=112&p=2&c=523563 TROUBLED YOUTH? Here’s a look at college prospects with a history of off-field issues or attitude problems that could affect their stock in the NFL draft. USC OT Winston Justice: Pleaded no contest to solicitation of prostitution, suspended for an entire season in 2004 for exhibiting a replica firearm and received three years of probation. Florida State DT Brodrick Bunkley: Pleaded no contest to stealing a video game, received probation. Georgia OG Max Jean-Gilles: Questions about conditioning, dedication. http
  5. http://nfl.com/draft/story/9428093 Looking back more important than looking forward By Pat Kirwan NFL.com Senior Analyst (May 9, 2006) -- The NFL draft has been over less than a month, and we are already hearing about the top 100 prospects for next year. By the time next April comes around, the list will change drastically, and at this point, it really doesn't mean a lot. What may have more meaning is a look back at a draft from the past, to see what we can learn from it. There are some valuable lessons waiting if we care to open our eyes to some history rather
  6. I completely agree, except the only thing that is puzzling is why Arrington will be playing the SAM. From what we've all seen, or at least from my point of view, Emmons clearly plays better over the tight end, and one of his biggest strengths I think is jamming the tight end, and getting him off his route. But Emmons just doesn't seem suited to play the WILL, and even though he's able to play that position in a pinch, they're not lacking depth anymore.
  7. I didn't mind adding another DE in the slightest, I just wasn't so high on Kiwi. If our pick had been Tamba Hali or if we had found another DE in the 3rd or fourth round, I wouldn't have minded. But I may have critiqued Kiwi too harshly, considering the knee and shoulder injury he played through this season. But when the Giants PR team uses that as a crutch, sometimes it just sounds like the same old song that we hear almost annually. But I could have expected too much from him when he did not play that well against Boise State, and then went on to have a less than stellar Senior Bo
  8. I wouldn't set the bar too high yet for Seawright until we actually see him in action. I don't think we'll actually hear Coughlin and Accorsie say anything negative about our DT's, but, you also have to take what they say with a grain of salt.
  9. I can't imagine going into camp that Kiwi's automatically going to get the nod over Tuck. That's oviously something that has to be earned.
  10. Charles Woodson? OHHH...Tom Brady.
  11. Our fans were divided. There were plenty of Dayne fans, and there were plenty who just didn't think he was worth that pick, and thought he wouldn't be able to play to his size in the NFL.
  12. Actually, there were plenty of Giants fans who voiced there displeasure over picking Ron Dayne, but I can't remember a soul who wanted Shaun Alexander pre-draft, or complained about not not getting him soon thereafter.
  13. What's going to make some of these picks a little maddening, is when we start hearing about the players who we passed on who are succeeding on other teams...whether it's DeAngelo Williams, Kelly Jennings, John Mcargo, Nick Mangold, Santanio Holmes, Chad Jackson, D'Quell Jackson, Demeco Ryans, Rocky McIntosh, Joseph Addai, Thomas Howard, Jimmy Williams, or Winston Justice. Kiwi is most likely going to be brought along slowly, and when or if one of these other prospects has some success, where going to hear about it.
  14. Everyone has their opinion, and your definitely entitled to yours, and I'm sure plenty of people agree with you(including the Patriots), but what Moss brings to the table is something this team has lacked for a very long time. And besides being 5'8, having the best vertical jump of all the WR's in the draft puts to rest any type of fear I have about his size. And Hines Ward, that's a very generous 6'0 he's given.
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