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  1. Huh, it seems as if talks of bringing in couch is turning into an annual offseason thing. None the less i wouldnt argue with signing him to the minimum.
  2. With AP's over and my birthday on saturday myself and a few friends made the trip up to Canada(why canada?, i dont really know) regardless it was a pretty incredible week. I had forgotten to bring a charger for my phone so i was with out it for the majority of the trip, when i got back i found out my Dad's long time friend was offering him his two season tickets for 3000$(an incredible price), these are premium lower level seats something like row 9 section 127(i think). I'm supposed to cover like a fourth of the price which im pretty confident i can do. Nothings set in stone with these tickets but if i end up with them heres to a good week followed by an incredible season.
  3. I'm not an avid Carlos Emmons supporter in the least, and pre-draft i was looking to bring in his replacment. I liked the pick of Gerris Wilkinson but hes not going to step in and give the production Emmons will. Behind Pierce and Arrington Emmons is our strongest linebacker, despite this and despite no real capable replacment on the roster fans stay adimint in believing he should be cut.
  4. My thoughts exactly, Buckner would add little to nothing to our DT situation besides a familiar name. The guy i was high on for much of the offseason was Grady Jackson, but hes waddling around out of shape and unmotivated. So unless theres a suprise June 15th cut i think its clear the staffs confident in the players they have now. With the draft over and the Free agent pool dry all we can do now is have faith.
  5. Is Frank Walker still on the roster?
  6. If theres anything I've heard about peprah its that hes got great natural athletic ability and can play either safety or corner. I think those magazines are taking a page out of your book and spreading lies, oh speaking of which hows your fiance taking to the newly furnished basement?
  7. Marcus Green looks like he belongs in the backround of an old Will Smith music video.
  8. Yeah, Miami scooped him up. My biggest worry going into the season is still at the corner posistion, Corey Webster is the anointed starter opposite Madison but i dont see what hes done to win that job. Apart from causing some turnovers in the preseason all i saw was Webster struggle, in his start Joe Jurevicious made him look flat terrible. I pray Peterson has some miraculous recovery because i think QB's will be picking on Webster untill he proves he can play in this league.
  9. Top Undrafted Shocked to see guys like Martin Nance, Darrell Hunter and Kai Parham not scooped up. Giants should give a couple of these corners a look (i.e Hunter, Charles Gordon, Anwarr Phillips)
  10. He'd be a very good tackling corner coming on the blitz or stepping up on outside runs but hed be a liability in coverage.
  11. Peprah's a corner with safety speed, i wonder where he'll line up for the giants.
  12. Despite doing my best to put some sort of positive spin on the draft thus far i still can't stop asking questions. Ugh..this draft has sucked the wind out of me after an exciting off season...Day 2 starts now lets hope a Gabe Watson or Babatunde Oshinowo can put some life back into me.
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