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NFL.com chooses the top "DUOS" in the game today


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Nice article that anaylizes the top 5 offensive and top 5 defensive duos in the NFL today.


Giants are the only team to have winning duos in both categories....or to put it another way, 20% of the NFL's top duos.


In the offensive category


Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz
(two years together)


In my opinion, this is currently the top receiving duo in the NFL.

Both guys are complete receivers with an outstanding mix of size, explosiveness,

reliable hands, and elusiveness after the catch. Last season they combined

for 2,728 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns.


In the defensive category


Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul
(two years together)


This pair is lethal, both against the pass and the run. Both guys also

have the versatility to play outside and inside in the Giant's scheme.

Pierre-Paul was dominant throughout the regular season, While

Tuck put together a monster post season.



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Yeah, I don't think "outstanding size" is something you can attribute to Cruz. But he does play that way, you're right Seph, similar to how Steve Smith (CAR) plays the game.


I think the indicator there was the word, "mix of". Cruz is quick, agile, has good hands, and has that knack of just getting open. Nicks has strength, size, hands, and deceptive speed.

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I'd agree with all of that, except that I feel Cruz more or less "plays big" but he's actually a bit undersized. Dude isn't afraid to go up and snatch the ball away from two defenders.


Cruz's feet... the power in his legs make him stand out. He has great hands of course but his most impressive trait are those light feet that keep him upright no matter what. I'm fucking stoked...can't wait for the season to start and see all of these guys again and seeing the rookies on the field... something about this Wilson guy...

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