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Amani Toomer this morning on ESPN Radio- Giant Picks


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Amani was interviewed bu Richard Near and Amani makes for a great interview.....he is fair and not a Giants homer.


Amani talked about the Tiki situation "He is perceived as a lockerroom distraction" but Amani denies that was at all true. Amani does not think Tiki will get his shot for that reason.....not for any physical or age reason.


He was unimpressed with Eli's cohesion with his receivers but said that could just be a pre-season aberation


He likes our depth, and said a lot of it is with players who are not household names.....thus the incorrect public perception that we are thin


He never mentioned Coughlin (an announcers Third Rail LOL)


He thinks we are strong everywhere but TE.......


He sees the Giants as 9-7 to 11-5...... and frankly I agree due to the tough schedule...........9-7 could well win this division.


Having said that I personally expect the Giants to be a top 2-3 team in the regular season........a strong front seven, OL, and RBs can hammer any team into submission. Eli is a crapshoot........he might straighten up and fly right......he might not......nevertheless the Giants are not entirely dependant on GREAT QB play......moderate QB success is ok


The Giants neeed to keep up the pace of causing turnovers and cut the output of turnovers to half to win the Super Bowl

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Honestly, I don't think 9-7 wins the NFC East. 11-5 might but I don't think anything less is going to take it. Just IMO.


If Eli can play mistake free football this season and make good decisions with the football instead of getting frantic when he's being pressured and toss up a duck off his back foot...we will be a 10 and maybe more win team. If we can get good special teams play and Ahmad to cut fumbles down to maybe 3 all season we could win more like 12 games, depending on injuries.


I see us at 10-6 though....and we might struggle again to lock up a playoff spot with that record.

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