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Paul Schwartz of the New York Post


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here is what I can get from it.


by: PAUL SCHWARTZ (Wire Services) www.nypost.com Requires Registration at 4:51 AM


... her uniform.” Despite the insistence of general manager Jerry Reese that the Giants are not going to trade Umenyiora, Agnone isn’t so sure. What he does know fo ...



and the link I had now goes to THIS



hmmmmm :confused:

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Is it this?




Even though Osi Umenyiora said he has no problem with the Giants selecting another defensive end in the first round of the NFL Draft, Umenyiora's agent isn't sure there's enough playing time for everyone.


As soon as the rumblings started that the Giants were set to take Jason Pierre-Paul with their first-round pick in the draft on Friday night, Tony Agnone spoke to his client and told him what he thought it meant.


"If they get this guy," Agnone yesterday told The Post, "you'll probably be in another uniform."




Despite the insistence of general manager Jerry Reese that the Giants are not going to trade Umenyiora, Agnone isn't so sure. What he does know for sure is Umenyiora wants to start at defensive end and doesn't know if there's enough playing time to go around now that Pierre-Paul has been added to a position where the Giants already have Umenyiora, Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka.


"He was surprised," Agnone said of Umenyiora's reaction. "He's kind of wondering what's going on. He said 'We've got a lot of crowd there, don't we?' How can you not laugh?"


It's doubtful Umenyiora finds any of this funny. He already has mouthed off about his situation, stating during Super Bowl week that if he's not returned to the starting lineup -- he was yanked down the stretch of last season -- he would retire. He subsequently said he would prefer to be traded if he's not a starter.


"Guess what? We don't get a say in this, they get the say," Agnone said. "Of course he wants to play. That's the whole purpose. But [Reese] is the GM. It's his popsicle stand."


Umenyiora told the Associated Press that he thought the selection of Pierre-Paul was "a good move" and added, "I'm not unhappy at all. The team has come out and said I won't be traded so now it's time to just go out and play. I truly believe I'm among the best ends in the league and now its time to stop talking and go out and prove it. That goes for everyone also."


As for his feelings for the team, Umenyiora said "The perception of negativity surrounding me and my relationship with the team is ludicrous."


Pierre-Paul said in a conference call that he was looking forward to working with the veterans.


"I know they have a lot of defensive ends," Pierre-Paul said. "I'm ready to learn from them, you know. I'm ready for them to teach me [how] the whole process goes because they have been there and they know the defense. I'm ready to learn and help."


Pierre-Paul, who didn't play his first full season of football until his senior year in high school, downplayed the tag that he is a raw talent, saying when he is on the football field, he knows what he is doing.


"I'm a very good pass rusher," Pierre-Paul said. "Actually, I'm a great pass rusher. Pass rushing is just one of the things I can do though. I feel I can become better and better at that, and I want to come up to New York and hopefully become a better football player."


Agnone figures as the 15th overall pick Pierre-Paul will command $10 million-$11 million in guaranteed money and with that sort of financial investment the Giants "will want to get the guy on the field."


Players have been able to force trades with their comments or actions -- disgruntled Jeremy Shockey did just that two years ago -- but Agnone said Umenyiora shouldn't be lumped in with Shockey.


"I think they're different kind of people when it comes to that kind of stuff," he said.


Umenyiora has been a fairly steady participant in the offseason workout program but Agnone made no assurances that will continue.


"There is no such thing as a 'good soldier,'" Agnone said. "You are your own corporation. That doesn't mean he's not going to do what he's supposed to do, contractually, period."


Contractually, no player is required to attend the offseason program.


"Osi will do what's best for him," Agnone said, "to be in the best possible shape for the season."

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Reese says Osi is staying


It also might telegraph Kiwi back to OLB.........and or both JPP and Kiwi as a Hybrid ala Shawne Merriman


i want osi to stay.


kiwi is NOT going back to linebacker, neither is JPP.


after the 2008 draft reese kept saying over and over again that shockey was our starting tight end. so nothings written in stone.

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Reese says Osi is staying


It also might telegraph Kiwi back to OLB.........and or both JPP and Kiwi as a Hybrid ala Shawne Merriman


This would be great, especially if we were a 3-4 then we could trade Sinorice Moss to Denver for D.J Williams and then trade Chase Blackburn to Cleveland for D'Qwell Jackson. We should of held out for Mike Nolan, best DC in the NFL. Mike Nolans daddy played for us and Nolan was DC before, I am not so sure about Fewell, even though people think we have the players for the Tampa 2.

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Osi's not going anywhere this season, so no need to worry about that right now. He may be gone next season, but he's one year returned off of knee surgery, so we'll know if he's still got anything or not.


Also we need the depth on the line and considering the injuries that Tuck and Osi have had, we're definitely not overloaded.

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