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Strahan to Osi


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lol I was gonna say... "who the fuck is Strahan to talk about saying stupid shit" till I saw the end of the article.


The thing is Strahan was one of the best DE's to play the game, he's allowed to say something stupid from time to time.


Osi is coming off a season being benched...he shouldnt be saying shit other then "I got to go out there and prove myself"

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this coming form the idiot who led a revolt when Coughlin took over and could not deal with a 5 minute early rule for meetings


after retiring he installed a GPS in his girlfriends mercedes to track her movements only to find out she was cheating on him left and right


Then there was the divorce fiasco


Yeah..........Osi listen up when Mike Strahan gives you advice on how to conduct yourself :rolleyes:

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This is a good first test for Fewell....I'm guessing he and Osi click.


even when he made the pro bowl Osi was never a run stopper


that was what really made Strahan unique.......for a long rangy speed rusher........Strahan was an excellent tackler


Osi is not a physical presense like Tuck, and Strahan........hes a pretty small guy for DE.......relies on moves and speed and you cannot be that type of player on a tender knee

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