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Boss/Manning, is it just me.


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Or will one day, Boss choke Eli out in the dressing room.


For such a big target that Boss, does it just seem like Eli throws more off passes to this kid. Last night Boss did wonders catching that ball and paid dearly for his trouble.

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I'm just really glad Boss doesnt have a big ego, the kid is nothing but a hard worker and it shows in his blocking and pass catching. I think Eli is starting to get back into the "Plax Lock" where he would stare a WR down during a play and nine times out of ten throw it to said receiver. I hope Gilly/Coughlin or even Eli realizes this in the game film and just say "Hey I got Smith(best WR on the team fucking money player) Manningham, Boss, Nicks and even Hixon to throw too" I dont need to feed the ball to anyone just whoever is open. I was extremely pissed during the Cards game for Eli to throw the deep ball when other WRs were open, I mean his last pick of the game Nicks was wide fucking open underneath and would of easily gotten the first down. I know Eli has been thrown into the "elite QB" catagory ever since his SB win but staring down WRs is Eli of 04-05 not Eli of 09.


I know people like to blame Gilly for the loss yesterday, but I think Eli also deserves a good wake up with how he played the game...though Gilly does need one too. However I'm confident Eli will just shrug the game off and come out playing like he has, good old Easy E.

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