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Jacobs: I'll play better, or I'll quit

Mr. P

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Jacobs: I'll play better, or I'll quit


Brandon Jacobs is averaging only 3.4 yards per carry, and his apparent lack of power to the hole has drawn a ton of criticism this week. But Jacobs isn’t worried. He doesn’t give a (expletive deleted) about what any of us think.


And he’s so confident that his numbers will improve, he just told Brandon Tierney on ESPN Radio in New York (1050 AM) that if they don’t, he’ll retire at the end of the year.


“If I finish the season averaging (3.4 yards) a carry, I won’t play next year. I’ll be done,” Jacobs said. “That’s how much I believe in my ability.”


Of course, he’s not really planning to retire … certainly not after playing just one year on his four-year, $25 million contract extension. But his brash statement certainly shows how certain Jacobs is that the first three weeks of this season have been an anomaly. He has just 196 yards on the season and his 3.4 yards per carry is way down from the 5.0 he averaged each of the last two years.



Source: NY Daily News

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It's not all his fault either. They ran a lot of misdirection against TB and Dallas to try and get fast lbs to over-pursue. Sound play calling but it doesn't necessarily play to Brandon's strengths.


Also can we please ditch the pitch.

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well. he already got his millions,, even if he quit.. he'll get that cash..


not trying to trash him, but i really hope he does do better...


but as of now, i have no problem with it as long as he's fresh in the playoff..


if he keeps playing like this he wont have to quit


they will quit him

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