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The past couple of days the sports radio talk has had a lot of talk about Manny signing with the Yanks and completing a dominating lineup. From what I can tell the talk is based more on the Yanks spending ability and less on actual need. Or desire to sign.


If you were the GM would you go after him?

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if im the yanks then yes i want manny in the lineup. you just spent all this money and clearly are in win-now mode. you have two of the best teams in baseball in your division so at this point there is no turning back and you must get as good as possible

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I don't see how the Yankees could take on Manny at this point. Manny, Nady, Matsui, Damon, Swisher, Melky, Gardner- that's a crowded outfield with horrible balance (the guys that can hit can't play defense, and vice-versa). Also, I don't think Manny can play left field in a place like Yankee Stadium every day.

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