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I am ashamed


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if the dog had no interest in the giants, then it would be silly to come...but it is possible to not be a fan of a team, or that team's rival, and still have an interest...and to be honest, the dog has always found the people here to be more interesting than others...and at least a few are more tolerant and open to discussion. many other places are entirely too strict regarding fans of other teams...etc...and certainly the giants have had a lot to discuss in recent years.


It's possible sure, but doesn't make a lot of sense.

If you come here for the people, fair enough. Same reason a lot of us are here and not the GMB.

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You know, when I started this topic, based on usual traffic on here, I expected perhaps, 5-10 replies before it sunk like a stone. And now, it's well on it's way to being one of my biggest posts ever. And it's all thanks to a pissing contest.


Thanks. :TU:

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not so...the dog did comment about the tolerance of people here as oppossed to other places...the dog the answer to your question was inherent in that response...


I thought you meant the GMB or the dog's team's website. So do you visit all 32 team's forums? If not, all 16 NFC forums? All NFC East perhaps?

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