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Kelly (NYPD Commissioner) and Bloomie are fisting each other on this one. Like was said by Eli the Winner...you got a bus driver getting stabbed to death; a mayor who thinks the position is a hereditary one; a City about to fall into a financial crisis not seen since 1975-76; yet all that those two ass munches can do is talk about Plax, how they are going to crucify Pierce; and how terrible the Giants were/are for not reporting the situation 5 seconds after Mara/Reese were woken up from their respective beauty sleep. I am reading where a lot of the sports writers are questioning this witch hunt on the Giants organization by the City. Basically the Giants org did everything as they were supposed to. Gathered the relevant info, contacted the relevant authorities (NYPD, NFL, the hospital and the players involved) and were very aggressive in doing so. I will so love seeing Bloomie voted out of office.

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