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OK seriously... what jersey to wear today?


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I can't decide what jersey to wear for the game today. Which would you guys say?


Blue Brandon Jacobs authentic Super Bowl jersey (won us all the games till the bye... but you have to switch jersies after the bye or they become bad luck... see 2006 Giants for proof).


Ghetto style red Kenny Phillips jersey (wins it for us when I wear it at the stadium after the bye... but I'm not at the stadium today)


White Osi Umenyiora jersey (was originally the jersey to wear before the bye... but now, it has to be bad luck with the injury... right?)





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Personally I am wearing Manning home. Since I have worn it they have not lost. I was going to wear my away Strahan SB jersey but that was what I wore for the Browns game.


The bye week curse was lifted with the Seahawks win so I would go Jacobs.

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I'm wearing my manning away, the only game i wore a different jersey was the browns game(though i didn't wear any jersey during the cinci game and we still won that


I wear my Osi jersey from the time I wake up until I go to sleep on game day. Guess which day I didn't? I will never make that mistake again and it will not be washed until the end of the Giants season.

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Nice call on the Jacobs jersey!


GO GIANTS!!!!! 6-1! :D


Yeah the ole Eli jersey won itself another week of wearing.




Side note: When the game was in doubt I came into my comp room which is also my cigarette room to have a smoke and put on the following playlist for motivation:


Omnisoul - Not Giving Up

Matchbox Romance - Monsters

Sixx AM - Life is Beautiful


After those three songs I felt ready for the 4th quarter

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