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Which perennial NFL bottom feeder


Bottom Feeders  

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  1. 1. Which ass-sucking team will finally reach the playoffs?

    • Arizona Cardinals
    • Detroit Lions
    • Houston Texans
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Atlanta Falcons
    • None. They'll all suck.

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There's always a trendy pick every year for a "worst-to-first" turnaround... I don't know how many times THIS has been the year the Lions will "turn the corner."


Who do you think will make the playoffs of the bottom-feeders?

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Tossup between Cards and Lions. I am not sold on the Vikings as long as Jackson is their QB, Rodgers might not get the job done and will almost certainly deal with the learning curve, and the Bears are in decline. So I could see the Lions stealing the NFC North.

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I wanted to say Houston but I can't put them over the top because they have 6 games a year against Colts, Jags, and Titans.


I'd pick Houston too if they weren't in such a tough division. If 9-7 is the criteria though I'd go Cardinals, if Boldin doesn't go insane, and Houston next.

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