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From todays MMQB


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Factoid That May Interest Only Me


In the 36th-floor midtown Manhattan studio of Sirius Satellite Radio -- where I work a day or two a week doing "The Morning Drive'' with Bob Papa and Randy Cross -- sits a big naugahyde easy chair with a Patriots logo, with their Super Bowl titles sewn in. Earlier this month, Plaxico Burress of the Giants was an in-studio guest. As he walked out of the studio, he looked over at the chair.


"Can I sign something?'' Burress said to Eric Fenton, producer of the show.


"Sure,'' Fenton said.


"Got a Sharpie?'' Burress asked.


Fenton handed him one, and, over the Patriots' Elvis logo, Burress signed his name, his number (17), and "XLII Champs!''


As cool as can be, Burress walked out of the studio.


"Looks pretty good,'' he said on his way out the door.



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LOVE IT!!!! But you know if the Patsies ever get us down, they are going to crap all over us. LOL!!! I still will hold my head high though. Think Brady has a man crush on Tuck? ;)


when we meet again do you think they would play dirtier then the last two times? :unsure:

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