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Aaron Ross is


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never knew he was that old


thats old for a rookie...especially a rookie...


but w-e still glad we drafted him


he is a beast against the run and he can play football


That is kind of a prerequisite before getting drafted into the National Football League.

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I remember the Ross pick and being on the Giant's MB.


1/3 the perople were happy with the pick (including me)

1/3 the people were pissed about the pick and thought we should of choose someone else


and the other 1/3 thought we should of traded our pick to the Browns for Quinn and were irate that we didn't....oh well guess 2/3 of the Giant's fans over there can't be happy...ever..

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OMG Osi........did you really do this?? I cant believe someone would be that clueless. No offense bro, I remmeber when I used to smoke pot like it was goin out of style. I liked smokin pot, I can understand why someone would enjoy it. But after this, think ya might reconsider? :P

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