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The News we did not want to hear in the spring


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Giants GM Jerry Reese: We'll pay Tom Coughlin later




Thursday, November 1st 2007, 4:00 AM


Jerry Reese expects Tom Coughlin "to be here for a long time," and he hopes to be able to give him a long-term contract extension at the end of the season. But even after a surprising 6-2 first half of the season, the Giants GM isn't ready to do that just yet.


Though he heaped praise on Coughlin's first-half work and insisted "Tom is my guy," Reese told the Daily News yesterday that the subject of Coughlin's future has yet to be discussed inside the front office. He left the door slightly open that something could be discussed in the coming months, but said the plan likely would be to wait until after the season instead.


"That's something we're not talking about at this point," Reese said. "You never know what will happen with that, but we're not looking at months from now. We're looking at a couple of weeks from now. That's all our concern is. We're not looking at what the future is for the coaching staff."


Coughlin's future will be a hot topic over the next few months, regardless of how the Giants' season plays out. At the end of last season he was given a one-year extension through the 2008 season. But considering the Giants' policy of not allowing a coach to enter the final year of his contract, that was a weak commitment that simply forced them to make another decision on Coughlin at the end of this year.


And this time, they are not likely to discuss another one-year extension. If he's not fired, Coughlin will almost certainly ask for a multi-year extension with a raise over the $3million average salary he's made in his first four years with the team.


Coughlin has no problem waiting until the end of the season for those discussions, and he said he is not wondering at all what the future holds.


"I never did last year, either," he said. "And I say that in all honesty. Look, my job is to get our football team in the best possible position we can be in to win. That's where all my energy and all my thoughts are. It doesn't go in any other direction. There's a time and a place for everything, and there will be a time and a place for discussions along those lines, but it's not now. And I don't waste any time thinking about that."


If the Giants can avoid the second-half collapse that all but buried them last year, Coughlin won't have to worry about much, especially since Reese said "nobody's pulling for Tom more than me."


MONEY MONTH: RB Brandon Jacobs was named the NFC's Offensive Player of the Month for October. He rushed for 424 yards in four games.



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