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Bimbo Overload...Will Demps

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GIANTS safety Will Demps admits he took full advantage of the sex-mad football groupies who followed him around. "I've had my share of fun with these types. :drool: I've flown beautiful women with agendas to big games . . . I've wined and dined them at the fanciest restaurants knowing I could've shared my bed with three at a time," the hunky athlete tells the September Essence. But he claims to have quit the habit: "They hang in packs like vultures ... posed with breasts spilling out of their shirts ... In the end, I know these women can never fulfill a need beyond my libido."





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I admit that I'd likely abuse my status too (we're I a young, unmarried pro football player). Of course, I'd also dislike beating the puss out of my ding dong with a hammer, so maybe I wouldn't.


There's something about a woman who tracks guys like Demps, you may find a Rodman jersey in her closet and that's when you die a little death.

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