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Pirates @ Mets

Plax 4 Prez

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Watching the Pirates makes me sad..... they are a casulty of no Salary Cap. The owners make enough money off of the luxury Tax paid by the big clubs that it does not make a difference if they play winning ball or not.


They built a nice new Stadium with some money from the city, pay a little as possible for players before the real teams give them their second contracts. The owners keep making money even if 3000 show up for the games.


My Uncle was a HUGE Pirate fan, and even he hardly follows them anymore.

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you can tell that the pirates just arent a good ballclub by their terrible fundamentals. no speed in OF, not many set players. they got some guys who can play too, they arent a complete waste. nady is good, bay is good, and they got some nice starters.

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