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People have complained the Knicks dont have...


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a big offensive rebounder on their team and they need to get one.


Well now David Lee and Ben Wallace are tied for the league lead with 3.9 per game depite Lee playing 4.5 minutes less per game than Wallace.





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cuz he doesn't have a 30 mil contract like jeffries.


he should be starting over frye though, frye can't touch lee


let me say this...jared jeffries will be fine... coming off the bench that is. a mid level is not that bad for this guy , he can help a team, but he should be doing it at the number 7 0r 8 guy. lee should def be starting and him and curry *need* to be in the game at the same time. why can't isiah see it? when we had all the suspensions, this team was finally starting to play well. why is that? coincidence? i don't think so. guys like nate "the flashy joke" robinson and jeffries should have no vital part on this team. start lee isiah.

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