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  1. the eagles are dangerous but yesterday was a misrepresentation... McNabb has been playing better but when it comes down to it, they still have no short ground running game and any team that can control the clock and not turn the ball over 8 times (cough ROMO) will give them a game.
  2. this is embarassing.. what a collapse
  3. this is painfully similar to the cleveland game... cant get off the field on 3rd down
  4. we should put in bradshaw for a change of pace.. we gotta establish some form of a running game
  5. i was DYING when on sportscenter they played calls into philly radio today and one guy was yelling "the comment about the playoffs is what put me over the edge, YEAH DONOVAN IF THERE'S A TIE IN THE SUPERBOWL THEY GIVE OUT TWO LOMBARDI TROPHIES"
  6. OK.. run the ball, control the clock. safe plays.
  7. hedgecock = joba chamberlain? wow
  8. this is tough... looks like if you measured perfectly the tip was over the plane. i think this has to be inconclusive
  9. so i stubbed my toe on the walk to the bathroom... FUCKING GILBRIDE
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