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  1. Wow. Time to switch it up with Bradshaw. Need a speed guy to make this big dudes run a little bit.
  2. No more negativity. Got to send them positive vibes. Up and down, and all around. It's only 7-0 in the 1st QTR.
  3. It is IMPERATIVE that the Giants move the ball on this possession. The defense definitely needs a rest after that.
  4. I'm noticing that their offensive line is getting very good push on our D-line. Kind of a surprise.
  5. No Plaxico on the field. I think everone in the stadium knew they were going to run up the middle.
  6. ALL of the ESPN and FOX guys picked the Bucs to win today.
  7. Me personally, I doubt that the Bengals will be willing to trade him anyway.
  8. The dumbest thing in the mock is Steve Slaton going 23 to Seattle. He's not even a 1st rounder. A third down back at the next level to start his career, and 3rd down backs don't go in the 1st round. Plus, he's coming off a horrible year and will probably return for his senior season to reestablish his draft standing.
  9. Come on Tree, Smith hasn't proven he belongs yet. We're New York! Why hand him the #2 job before he earns it. He can get plenty of balls as the #3/slot receiver. Nem - About Chad Johnson - The article suggested that although he may wish to be traded, it is unlikely the Bengals will want to trade him. Additionally, he will bring a lot more than Javon Walker. For Johnson, we would likely have to give up our 1st rounder and a later pick, especially since we have a late 1st round pick. Walker could come significantly cheaper. Echochamber - Larry Fitzgerald signed a 6 year, $60 million deal in 2004, so no, not a FA this offseason.
  10. At least a couple of you here know that I think the Giants definitely need to upgrade the #2 receiving option behind Burress. I like Amani but he has lost a step and is not a downfield threat anymore. With Plax being the only receiving option that scares defenses, it makes us too one dimensional in the passing attack. I know we still have the Bucs this weekend, and hopefully another game after that, but I still like to look ahead to see how we can improve the team next year, and there is one player out there I like who looks like he will be available via trade. Javon Walker looks like he will be available according to NFL.com. Link Some of you may rightfully question whether he is broke down or not. But I think he's a good gamble, and because of the injuries he's sustained in two of the last three seasons, we may be able to get him at a bargain. I'm thinking a 3rd rounder, and if need be, throw in a 6th or 7th round pick. The Broncos will want a 2nd rounder however, but I think we can get him for less. He's a veteran receiver with a Pro Bowl pedigree. He also has something you can't teach... he's 6'3" and 215 pounds. I believe that our recent drafts of undersized WR's (Steve Smith at 5'11" and Sinorice Moss at a dwarf-like 5'8") are a mistake. Look at the top wideouts in the NFL. For every Steve Smith (Carolina) and Santana Moss I can give you two big targets at Wide Receiver. T.O., Randy Moss, TJ Houshmanzadeh, Chad Johnson, our own Plaxico to name but a few. In fact, if you look at the top ten Wide Receivers in yards in the NFL this season, none are under 6'0". Only 3 come in right at an even 6'0" (Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, and Torry Holt). Out of the top 11 receivers in touchdowns this year, only one is under 6'0" (Greg Jennings 5'11"). Only one more is right at 6'0" (Reggie Wayne). Most of the big time receivers are 6'3" to 6'4", such as the aforementioned T.O., and R. Moss, to go along with Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, and Marques Colston. To get a guy with Javon Walker's size will help Eli because as we all know, Eli is not the most accurate of QB's, and he, maybe more than others, will need a bigger target with better reach and who can be more physical to bail out some of his throws. In fact, the only thing that is keeping me from getting truly excited about the Giants offense is the lack of another big and fast wide receiver that can stretch the field opposite Burress. Having Javon will ensure that Eli will always have a big time receiver in one on one coverage and likely in a mismatch, whether it be Burress, Walker, or Shockey. Anyhow, I think I make a compelling argument. Somebody get this to Jerry Reese. For those wondering, the only upcoming FA WR with prototypical size and speed is Jerry Porter of the Raiders, and he's a locker room cancer. Other than that, good luck with us getting someone like Walker in the draft. We would have to use a first rounder, and we should be using that pick to upgrade the defensive secondary.
  11. Yes, Parcells put together a great team in Dallas. He believed in a little known guy in Tony Romo and he was right. Although Tony has had his bad games, he is one of the top QBs in the NFC. Marion Barber III, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, the big boys on the O-line, the Cowboys seem not to have any weaknesses all-around. They have playmakers everywhere on offense and defense. I would be proud if I was a Cowboys fan. For the Giants, it is clear where our weaknesses are, in the secondary and at QB. That said, because of our tremendous front seven and running game in particular, we can mask those weaknesses to a degree. And who knows, maybe Eli got the confidence he needs in that NE game to start to turn things around. Our team was not supposed to compete for the playoffs this year and yet here we are. We are 10-6 despite bad QB play for much of the season. Not many teams would be able to survive what the kind of QB play we've seen this year. SO, now it's the playoffs, and anything can happen. I feel good knowing that my team can beat any team in the NFC. Not saying that will happen, but we have that capability. I would not feel good playing us if I was another team in the playoffs, be it Dallas or whoever. So I will sit back and watch and we will see who comes out on top.
  12. Thanks for counterpointing me without being insulting. I think that some of the drops and dumb penalties Shockey has made in the past has soured me a little. I do think he is a great talent, though, and I hope that as long as he is with the Giants he will help Eli gain confidence by catching those balls in the future! I do like Shockey. I wish all of our players had his tenacity and will to win. By no means do I WANT him gone. I think some people here think that. But I am a Giants fan first and foremost and hope if they do make a move it will better the team, no matter who leaves. At the same time, I will root for Boss to reach his full potential and I hope that if he does it makes him the best TE in the NFL. It sounds crazy now, but you never know, thanks to Tom Brady's story, right? You make interesting points with the rest of your post, too. I really hope that we keep Robbins and Gibril, though. We really need the solid players in the secondary to stay. Gibril is solid. I hope we can import a replacement for Madison. I've long wanted the Giants to have an elite CB a la a Marcus Trufant, Champ Bailey, or Antonio Cromartie type (had to show a little love for a Florida State guy, just made his first Pro Bowl, and first of many at that). I agree with your statement about Steve Smith as well. One of them needs to step up big and be another deep threat for us.
  13. I wasn't being serious, just saying the kid can block right now and will improve with coaching.
  14. Actually it's not because Shockey is nowhere even close to being the Jerry Rice of TE's. If you are saying it's too early to tell, I agree. But early returns are good, and that is all I'm saying.
  15. I said "maybe" not in the top half in the league, and I admit I was overreaching with that. But he is not an elite TE anymore. I have watched plenty of his play. I submit to you that it is you, not I, that have the rose-colored glasses on. Boss has been impressive. He is a rookie that is showing something. I'm not crowning his ass, but so far he looks like he can be a player. You are obviously into labeling people based on their draft position or hype. You must not have any vision. There are plenty of Pro Bowl players that were drafted low or even not drafted. You say he is nothing but a back up and that is all he'll ever be it seems in your mind, but that doesn't make it so. And it also would be a good thing for the Giants. Judging by your posts, it looks like you are rooting for him to be nothing but a backup, which is ridiculous. It's as if you are scared that someone might actually challenge your mancrush Jeremy for his job. Competition is always good. We will either be better off with another player, or Jeremy will be forced to be better because he has been pushed. BTW, here is a list of TEs in the NFL that are at least arguably better than Shockey right now. I could add more that are probably better, but are still unproven, like Vernon Davis and Greg Olsen. And another guy who is probably better is Ben Watson, but he has battled injuries. Gates Clark Cooley Witten Gonzalez Winslow Miller Daniels Watson and maybe Sheffler. I don't have the rose-colored glasses. I watch the games and none of these players have the propensity to drop passes and commit the stupid penalties that Shockey has made at times, or miss a bunch of games almost every season like Shockey has (and I realize that injuries happen, but for some people they seem to happen more often). A Shockey-less Giants team is not the end of the world, geez.
  16. Boss is 6'-6" and 253. If he can't block at least as well as Shockey then we should fire our Tight Ends coach. I like our depth also, and by no means am I saying that the Giants should definitely get rid of Shockey. I apparently don't have the man crush on him that others here have. He is a decent TE, but IMO does not live up to his massive hype. He drops a lot of passes and commits stupid penalties sometimes. That said, he I love his competitiveness and fire. I am a Shockey fan, I would root for him on any other team he might go to (except when playing NY). I would love to see what he could do in the New Orleans offense in particular, and seeing how Brees needs a target like him to complement Colston, it would be interesting to see how he would impact that offense in particular. What I think is that we found a winner in Boss and that his presence gives us future flexibility with the makeup of the offense. It wouldn't necessarily be stupid to move him if it means that the Giants upgrade themselves on offense at another position or positions. By itself just to cut him, yes it would be dumb. Would Shockey land somewhere else? Sure, but that is irrelevant. But I like Boss and think he could start for us. There is nothing dumb about that. Eventually, Shockey will leave the Giants. Boss very well may be his successor. And he also may turn out to be a better player. I'm not saying he is right now, that would be crazy. But I haven't seen so far that we've lost very much, and we may be seeing Eli develop a real chemistry with him right now. On a side note, I really like the way we've been drafting recently. It's hard to believe we got Bradshaw, Boss, Ross, Moss, Wilkinson, Torbor, Kiwanuka, Alford, Michael Johnson, Steve Smith, and Cofield, all in the last 2 drafts. These guys are players. Some still need some seasoning, and some more than others, but this has been two excellent draft classes in a row. I was very critical of the Giants in this last draft class for not using their 1st round pick on a replacement for Luke Petitgout, but Deihl has really transitioned well and worked out for us. Good for Jerry Reese.
  17. Did that happen last 2 games? Plus, Boss beat the Patriots on a number of plays. Also, we are talking about next year. My point is that we would use the cost differential to upgrade over Toomer. Sorry if you guys don't like me playing GM here a little. But in my scenario, Toomer is gone elsewhere or demoted to #3, and the cost differential is used to import another dangerous WR to complement Burress. Also, 2 WR's are rarely double covered on the same plays, because the middle of the field becomes too exposed.
  18. Um... Boss has been the starter for the last two weeks and has done a good job. Shockey's actual PLAY has been uneven. The point is to upgrade the #2 receiver with what we save in salary by dumping Shockey. That way, we don't lose that much at TE, because Boss can play as evidenced by last week and other opportunities he's had, plus, we become more dangerous on the outside. Shockey does bring speed and agility, but I'd really like him to bring his hands. I disagree with you that Shockey is a proven star player, at least not anymore. He has star appeal in the media, some of which is due to him playing in NY. But just in this division, he is the 3rd best TE. Overall in the NFL, I don't think he is even in the top 10, maybe not the top half of the league.
  19. Everyone that has commented here is correct. One thing I would like to add is that drops are not always on the receiver. The QB has the responsibility of getting the ball in the best place for the receiver to make the catch. Some drops are greater than others. Eli's propensity to throw wobblers and/or inaccurate passes have been a big contributor to that number being 47. Just as much, I would say, as the receivers not making the play.
  20. I understand what you're saying, but I'm really not just judging him on one game. Last night was his best game, but he's been impressive since Shockey got hurt. He has shown he belongs, I think. And I also believe that Eli is developing a rapport with him, as he's gaining confidence because he knows the pass is going to be caught if he gets it there. With the money we by not paying Shockey, we can get a legit WR to be opposite Plax. And dare I say, Lance Briggs is a FA this offseason. Or perhaps a corner to replace Madison.
  21. Boss really showed us a lot last night didn't he? He clearly has better hands than Shockey, and I like his size and toughness. I don't know what Shockey's contract is like, and don't even know if cutting him would be an option, but I like Boss as the starter. Shockey's career with the Giants has been marked by dropped passes just as much as the intensity he brings. I think a change of scenery would be good for him. And I have a team in mind I think he would be great on. The New Orleans Saints. Couldn't you see it? They need a pass-catching TE for Brees. I'm just watching the Saints on TV now, and they are way to reliant on Colston. Shockey's intensity and tough mentality would also add to that team, because I think they need more of both. Plus, he has history with Sean Payton. Boss would help us more than Shockey because he is probably better in protection and he definitely has softer hands. Eli needs the reliability and increased protection for him to excel further. What do you guys think?
  22. Go Giants! I like our chances against Tampa Bay. That alone gets me crunked about the playoffs. WHEN we beat Tampa, I think we will play Green Bay at Lambeau, right? And seeing what our Defense did in the snow in Buffalo last week gets me excited about that game as well! However, Eli plays like crap in bad weather. But if we can run the ball, no worries. Plus, this will be a payback game from Week 2 of the season when Green Bay embarrassed us. You know the players will be jacked. And then, most likely an NFC championship game against the Cowboys, unless the Seahawks upset them first (No way are the Deadskins going to beat Seattle). Let's get it started. Watch out BUCS!
  23. I'm surprised Brady hadn't already broken the record after the pace he was on earlier in the season. 2 TD's is all he needs? Yeah, he will break the record. The only chance we have for the game and to stop the Patriots is for Osi or someone else really hitting Brady hard early and knocking him out of the game. That is the best chance we have for victory and I'm sure that the other AFC teams are praying it happens, since they've been running the score up on everyone. I never root for injuries of another player, but if that happened I'd be so happy I'd probably spill beer all over myself.
  24. I want to put my take on this team. As far as personnel wise, this team is not that bad. There is a lot to like about the Giants personnel wise. There is not a lot to like about the coaching staff. A lot is being made about injuries and injury prone players. First, every team battles the injury bug. Firing the strength and conditioning coach is not going to solve anything. We will still have injuries no matter who is in that spot, and some of them will be the same players. To me, the S+C coach is doing his job. If he wasn't, we would be man-handled at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and that is not happening. More often, we are the stronger team in this area. And that leads me to the first point where I think we have a strength, the offensive and defensive lines. Obviously, on the defensive side, we probably have the best front in the NFL when you factor in Tuck with Strahan and Umenyiora with Robbins and Cofield. On the offensive side, you have one of the top RTs in the game with McKenzie, Deihl has been strong at LT, Chris Snee was voted a 2nd alternate to the pro bowl, O'hara is an underappreciated center, and Rich Seubert rounds out a more than just solid unit. This I believe, when you build a football team, is where you start. At running back we are strong as long as Jacobs is healthy, and obviously we need to see more of Bradshaw. WR is where we have a little bit of a problem, though. Plaxico is fantastic but hurting. We need to get him healthy. Beyond him, the cupboard doesn't look good. Amani while he still has great hands, is no longer a downfield threat. His one-dimensional nature of being just a possession receiver now to me means he should no longer be a starter. Sinorice Moss is fast and shifty, but is only 5'-8". Steve Smith is similarly undersized at 5'11" but is intriguing. Next year the Giants should look for a bigger WR to complement Burress who can also stretch the field. Colts have Anthony Gonzalez, 'Boys have Crayton. We need someone similar. Time to say goodbye to Toomer. And to Jeremy Shockey. He's been too injury prone (although this last one isn't his fault), and his dropped passes and penalties have hurt the Giants as much as he's helped. I really like him but the quality at the TE position around the league at the TE position has caught to him. Heck, he's only the 3rd best TE in our DIVISION (Witten, Cooley). I know some Giants' fans will kill me for saying that but it's called being real and not a homer. Watch games other than Giants' games once in a while, its true. Besides, Gilbride, Manning, or both have no idea how to use him anyway. I feel comfortable with Boss and using the discount on upgrading the receiver position opposite Burress. This team needs to be more dangerous. The only player we have that scares people is Burress and he's been playing at something like 70%. We're not getting enough from Eli. His decision-making has been suspect and his passes have largely been inaccurate and just not sharp. Hell, I watch other back-up QB's deliver the ball sharply with tighter spirals and with more confidence than Eli. Every week he's being outplayed. Our defense has kept us in these games, otherwise, the 3 and outs would really be hurting us and we'd be getting blown out. The Giants need to use a mid-round draft pick on a developmental QB to succeed Eli. Schaub was drafted in the 5th round I believe, we all know Brady's story so it can be done. The fact of the matter is that at some point we may have to give up on the dream that Eli is going to be a star QB. Back to the defense, I love Mathias Kiwanuka. We are a much better defense when he is healthy. Mitchell has been great. We need to look for another LB to replace him though, because he isn't a spring chicken. Pierce I think has had a down year but I still like him. Can't wait to see what Kiwi can do over a full 16 games. And the secondary is the last area of concern. Madison is just ok and he needs to be better than just ok to go against other teams' #1's. I'm jealous of teams that have a true shutdown corner. I would love for the Giants to have a Champ Bailey or Marcus Trufant. I was jealous of the Jets when they drafted Revis. This is where I think the Giants should use their #1 pick if a true shutdown corner is available. I believe they finally drafted a good one for the other side when they got Ross. Webster looks like another in a line of disappointing high CB draft picks along with Allen and Peterson. The safety position is pretty good when healthy. Overall, a lot to like about the Giants, but they are being held back by being truly one of the great teams in the NFL because of Gilbride, Eli, lack of quality depth at WR, secondary coverage issues, and Coughlin, in that order. Thoughts?
  25. He was named a first alternate after playing almost the entire season with a nagging ankle injury. Fully healthy, he is probably the best WR in the NFC not named T.O.
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